After installing the app, you can now create offers on your online store that would attract more customers. Follow the simple steps below to learn how to create an offer:

1. Launch the app and click Create an Offer

2. Click the drop-down arrow and choose the type of offer. In this example, we select Spend Amount - Get Discount. This type of offer allows customers to get a discount when a specified amount of purchase is reached.

3. The next step will then be visible for you to fill out. Enter an amount that should be met in the Min Spend field. Let us enter 500 as an example.

4. In the Discount section, specify a discount that you want to give out as soon as the minimum spend is met. You can choose the type of discount from % off each product or a fixed amount from the total order. In this example, let us choose 5off each.

5. Select the product(s) that you want the offer to apply. In this example, we chose Cool Kicksand Awesome Sneakers.

Note: You can also check the little box to apply the discount to all products in your online store. 

6. Click Save.

You can create as many offers as you'd like and all of them will appear on the dashboard.

If you need any further help, please click on the Contact Us below.