You can set the language settings in the Discount Pricing app. This will give you the freedom to customize the terms and phrases that you want to appear in your online store when using the app. The image below shows the default language settings of the app.

With the default language settings, and given that the discount pricing is set to 10% with every 5-piece purchase of the item, here is how a product page in your online store looks like. 

Now let's try to change the language settings to customize how it appears in the online store.

1. Launch the app and click the Settings tab in the Offers page.

2. Scroll down to the Language settings section. The first item will be the Product Page Message. This is a short message or phrase that would appear in the page of the product. In this example, let us enter "Grab this great deal!" and let us change the Each term into "per pair", since this is a pair of shoes.

3. For the Minimum and Maximum Quantity, let us change it to Min Qty and Max Qty.

4. For the Qty, let us enter How many? and for the Discount, let us put in How much less?.

5. Let us enter less for the Off and just leave Plus as is.

6. We will use Order for Buy.

7. Click Save Settings.

Now let's take a look at the product page after changing the language settings.